Antic Nougat


Stuff the

antic nougat


your throat


and swallow


leery chuckling

mystified banter

traumatic wailing

a buckling over


and then


     a wee



                in the




Perturbed Omen


a perturbed omen


from her lips

and died


on the ground


love’s blood

red dust

blew away




The Desecration of the Woodland


at the center of the berserk gala

the slick languid tart conducted

the paroxysm of raspy

caterwauling and insolent promiscuity


cloaked in the shadows

the dairymaid witnessed

the desecration of the woodland

with weepy moonstone eyes



The Erotic Initiation of a Lifeless Prude


the undertaker

delivered a

psychic enema

severing / all

righteousness in

the lifeless prude




of the mind



carnal rapture







Serpents Oh So Alive


serpents oh

so alive


the hanging

son calling

the fainting


looking for

the bar

into a





Strange Briny Creature


I was a wet fish child for many years

well into adulthood

“who is this strange briny creature so hard to understand?”

my nature perplexed

me = wild genius



The Greatest Poverty


the reality of sex is

homeless naked and hungry


unloved and aroused

in rock ’n’ roll poverty


the greatest poverty attracts

if you live in lust



A Fleshy Portent of a Joker


a voluptuous interloper sprinkles seeds of discontent
sowing a sensual wormhole of entropy
wooing a pedigreed peacock to undernourishment
a fleshy portent of a joker



This is Love


demoralize your religion

sabotage the terror


freedom of surprise

assassination by judgement


sexual war god

masturbate your enemy


future within sexuality

this is love



Bird Cage Deathbed


no man wire woman

in a padded bird cage deathbed

imagining utterly spent girdles

wanting to touch lust

with a kiss

that hugs the next world



The Suggestive Fingering of a Corroded Tortoise


in the pretty desolation of a thrashing sunset

i witnessed the suggestive fingering of a corroded tortoise

a thorny velvet vision of flowering tinsel

bestowed by a saucy mockingbird daemon